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Why Tutasec SAS?


Industry-leading provider of cyberspace security solutions and services.

¿Por qué Tutasec?
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We make complex security challenges easily understood and solvable to our clients, enabling you to always make strategic and informed decisions about how to manage your organization’s cyber risk. We do this by working with world-class talent and technology in cybersecurity.

We help you detect and prevent cyberattacks and respond and mitigate the most destructive cyberattacks.

Our services are aligned to General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, NIST, and ISO27001 not only to ensure you remain compliant with industry standards and regulations, but also to make sure you receive strategic direction to manage cyber risk.

Our team


Our professionals have extensive technical, legal, managerial and leadership knowledge, with experience in global organizations, leading various projects around the world.

We evaluate the best options, combining the right professional skills, products and services into cost-effective security solutions which provide quality reliability to support IT systems, with added values in cybersecurity policies, business ethics and awareness to generate a safe environment within organizations.

We offer the best solutions to fit your requirements and needs

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Contamos con un equipo experto en seguridad informática para asesorar a nuestros clientes en la protección de su información.